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3 Quick & Easy Ways to Deal with Stress

Habits of Healthiness on the daily...

I know most of my people go get it outside which can bring stress into your life. Stress is something that can do the most to your whole way of living. 1st off don't take out your stress on nobody thats undeserved of that type of treatment. You really don't want to hold stress in either it will turn you into other things than your beautiful self. Like most things in life you have to find a lane made up of a mix or formula of several elements. One of the best ways to combat anything is preventative maintenance.

Preventative maintenance builds small healthy habits that help to combat the accumulation of large problems later. Consistent practice of habits of healthiness lead to not encountering certain stresses in the 1st place. Try these easy life hacks and we can add on to them together.

Tip #1 - Get up 15-30 mins earlier.

I know that rest is good to us and some time we want to hug that comfort as long as we can especially on those cold mornings. The thing is that even though it is possible to handle the things that you need to do at the last minute, when you do that you place yourself against the clock with all that pressure. You're adding more pressure by eliminate time that you may need to fix a mistake. Mistakes becomes easier to make by moving fast by the way. I understand that there are even people who feel they thrive under pressure. Remember this staying calm or actually finishing under pressure does not necessarily mean that you have thrived. There are mediocre finishes due to time constraints and there way above average finishes that require time and cultivation. Bottom line is most finish either way, but you eliminate any time to take a breather, plan, or solve unforeseen problems. Give your body and mind a chance to wake up and get the day poppin. Feel good while doing whatever it is that you do. There are also ways to eliminate so much stuff to do in the mornings.

Tip #2 - Get stuff together for your day the night before.

Most develop a morning routine whether its a good or bad one. I guess the bottom line is whatever works for you. I find that the least amount of stuff that I have to deal with in the mornings the better. The way that I help with that is to get as many things done the night before as possible. Plan to fail if you fail to plan. With that in mind, set your outfit you will wearing aside the night before. Have your breakfast planned or even premade if possible. Need lunch?... maybe prepack it or have a feasible plan on how it will be dealt with. I tend to do things like that for the week and it saves both time and money. Speaking of preplanning and packing meals that brings us to the last tip for now.

Tip #3 - Meal planning changes the game.

There are several benefits to meal planning. 1 of the biggest advantages to meal planning is that it saves time. Bad time management tends to show itself as stress in reality. I use meal planning to get me through anywhere from 3 days to a week of not having to have to cook. I usually accomplish the prepping of the foods that take longer to prepare within a day. Another benefit to meal planning is that you can actually use portion control. Portion control actually controls weight, diabetes, and levels of energy. Remember you need that energy to get it in no matter what getting it in means to you.

This world is gonna keep spinning and there's a whole lot to get within it. Getting it aint just rap lines or a reality show script... its living. Do yourself a favor and protect your health mentally and physically because you need your strength to be your beautiful self. Fake really can't fade real shit and they don't like it. To my true go getting riders, I LOVE YOU, I mean I really do... Peace & Love...