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Planted Seeds do Grow : Letter to my 12 Year Old Self

Habits of Happiness or Habits of Hate your choice

Great health is something that should touch all of our lives in multiple ways. Both physically and mental are the major areas that we should work on daily. If you ride with me long enough you will hear me say consistency is key somewhere down the line probably several times at that.One of the biggest keys to a healthy mental is how consistent you are at cultivating the seeds that are planted in you.

A recent situation in my life that gave me the opportunity to help out one of the youngins of the community and this person's particular situation resembled some my past struggles. Some of the struggles I have overcame in life make me proud and feel strong but I would have loved to have had a person tell me instead of the universe showing me these life lessons. As I'm giving this young person advice I started thinking... If I had this version of me in my life to raise me where would I be and what type of communication would we have?

Letter to my 12 Year Old Self

Dear Young Soldier

Let me first say that I wish that I could be there to hug and love away all of the pain that you shouldn't have had to deal with in life. I overstand the need for love and how much dudes like you don't get it. I LOVE U MANE for every time you will need it but not get genuine love. I LOVE YOU MANE even more for the love u havent gotten in life yet but will be held accountable for not knowing how to show like those that have gotten it properly. Understand this youngin... One of the foundations of life is choices and more than likely only you will fully feel whatever choices you make in situations. So build a strong foundation we are gonna work on that part don't worry. Some of the pain that I know you've felt in life is do to the choices of others who should have had your best interest at heart. One of your greatest test in life will be how you deal with these choices.

You are going to make a lot of choices that when you catch the repercussions of those choices it's gonna feel like you wont make it through, but we ALWAYS GET TO THE OTHER SIDE. I can't say you will always like yourself or what it takes to get there. Look though I ain't gonna wrap you up long cuz I know you're already working on a master plan. I know nobody's telling you this but you really should stick with this music shit u type good at it foreal. I really do want you to think about this till my next letter... I know that you've had a lot of fucked up examples of people in life already but you have a choice from the minute you read these words to use them as what to do OR WHAT NOT TO DO... Also do at least 1 thing to better yourself and put at least 1 dollar up DAILY... We gonna talk again soon...LOVE YOU MAN